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Locative Time Management Today’s enterprise workforce is geographically dispersed, mobile and consists of empowered individuals. Punch-in/Punch-out card solutions of the industrial era are no longer relevant to this generation of knowledge workers. Mobile phone-based locative time management is the need of the hour – enterprises need the individual worker’s accurate locative and time management information.
Market Size The market size for Smart phones is estimated to be 100+ million users globally.  The number of low cost smart phones is predicted to increase.  We are estimating the current time management market size to be in the range of $600m to $1.2b/year. 
Products/Services Focus on Time Management Timelord, our marquee product is launched already on the Nokia platform via Nokia’s Ovi store. Available right now, with our Spanish version coming shortly, Timelord app provides the basic functionality of locative time management for small and medium enterprises. We offer a customization service to our customers to integrate this basic app into their proprietary computing environment. 

Protection of Our Intellectual Property The locative time management apps for enterprises form the core of our intellectual property.  Like Timelord, these applications are deployed as software running on handheld mobile devices.  Our investment in the intellectual property is not compromised when we market our locative time management apps.
Target Verticals Locative time management is a need of every commercial enterprise. Our core product line is customized for various industry verticals. Our planned target segments are those with large mobile workforces: (1) Construction (2) Automotive (3) Consumer (4) Public Safety (5) Defense (6) Education (7) Telecom (8) Energy.



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